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Food Safety and Your Health

June 14, 2012

“The resin linings of tin cans contain Bisphenol-A, corn-fed cows are more susceptible to E-Coli colonization in their stomachs, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), in the lining of microwave popcorn bags are part of a class of compounds that may be linked to infertility in humans, root vegetables absorb herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides”.  These are just some of the problems in our food supply discussed by Ecokaren and Liz Vaccariello at Prevention Magazine.

The solution to food supply problems is to be careful, careful to eat as much organically grown food as possible, watch the containers your food comes in, buy food preserved and bottled in glass, research where food comes from, grow your own if you can.  Pop your own organically grown pop corn.

If you’re are trying to be careful about where you spend your organic dollars, buy organic animal products (meat and dairy) as they concentrate toxins and pesticides in their tissues and especially in their fats.  As well factory raised animals are fed a steady diet of antibiotics, a main source of antibiotic resistant strains of superbugs and other health complications.  If we live healthy, the time we put in adds time and quality to our lives.  A good nutritional foundation is one of the best supports you can have for your homeopathic treatment.