Vitamin N, Being in Nature is Good for Your Health


I have long believed that spending time in Nature has had great benefits for my health.  I have hiked, biked, kayaked and camped all my life. I walk every day. It brings me rejuvenation, restoration and peace to be where things are green and natural. This recent Chatelaine article goes into great detail as to why.

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4 Responses to “Vitamin N, Being in Nature is Good for Your Health”

  1. Trudy Veitch Says:

    I had to pass this along on my FB… inspirational article!!

  2. Derick Says:

    Break your 3 normal main meals into 5 smaller
    portion sizes – morning, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Cucumber contains sterols
    which can help to lower cholesterol and prevent carbohydrates from
    converting to body fat. That way, the actual process will
    end up being much less frustrating and, for the majority of people, enjoyable.

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