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Relatively Speaking: What is the Risk?

September 25, 2012

We often feel we must address any risk of illness without looking at all the factors involved.  Assessing relative risk before taking medication is important.  For instance, if you are traveling, do some research into the risks associated with various immunizations and prophylactic medications.  For instance read this article on the relative risk of getting malaria on your particular trip vs. some of the dangerous side effects of malaria drugs.

We need to pay attention to risk of illness vs. risk of, and severity of, side effects from medications.  As a society we fear some things all out of proportion to the relative risk of injury or illness.  For instance there is a much higher fear of flying, a relatively safe method of travel,  than there is of driving a vehicle, a much higher risk activity.  I, for instance, like to hike and camp.  Often my family and friends indicate I should be careful of wild animals.  If I take a walk in my neigbourhood in the city there is less concern, but probably a higher risk of injury from vehicles, or criminals.  I also bike, recently there is concern that bike helmet laws prevent more active participation in commuting by bike. There is risk of injury on a bike and risk of attack by wild animals while hiking, camping etc. And, the risk of sitting on the couch and not exercising is the highest risk of all.

When it comes to treating illness, if you are considering taking medication for high blood pressure, hot flashes, a gastrointestinal disorder, or regularly have dental or other Xrays or other radiation involved tests, for example, look into the side effects or the risks involved long term. Assess the danger.  Think about how you might prevent, lower risk or heal through modifying your behavior or by finding a less intrusive way to treat what ails you.  There is a lot of information out there.  Some reliable, some not so much so.  It is important to do your research carefully.

Assess the risks, make an informed decision.  It is your health and your body. Take charge.

Natural Health Care Workshop

May 8, 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010

13:00 – 17:00
HeartQuest Holistic Wellness Centre
204-2250 Commercial Drive

Natural Health Care Workshop Learn Practical Self-care Techniques through Energy Work, Homeopathy & Ayurveda.

Come to an afternoon of community building and self-care. Learn natural techniques to reduce stress, sleep better and keep you and your loved ones happier and healthier. Stock your cabinets with non-pharmaceutical preventative and first aid remedies, and go home feeling relaxed, educated & empowered.

This is a three-in-one afternoon with a workshop on Ayurvedic nutrition with Ocean, meditation & tools for self-care with Kelly Gordon and an information session on homeopathy with Ming Dinh & Isabel Johnston.

Join us on Saturday, May 22 from 1-5 at HeartQuest Holistic Wellness Centre on Commercial Drive. $80 for the full afternoon, $70 if you register before May 15. Space is limited!

To REGISTER, please contact Kelly Gordon at: A $35.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot! Register early as there is a minimum number required for the workshop to go ahead!

For more information on each practitioner, please visit seaweedsalon.

Ayurvedic Nutrition with Ocean

“You are what you eat.” This adage is the foundation of Ayurvedic nutrition and well-being. In this ancient Indian healing art, everything we eat has an effect on us and we can guide our own health through choosing the right foods for us. Ayurvedic nutrition recognizes that different people have different bodies and constitutions and therefore need to eat different kinds of foods. In this workshop, you will learn about the 5 elements and how this knowledge will help you choose the right food for you and your loved ones as well as how to balance changes in your health, the environment and the seasons. Balancing your diet according to your personal needs reduces stress on your nervous system so that your body can better function on a day-to-day basis. Enjoy better health and a longer life with foods that are meant for you!

Meditation and Tools for Self-care with Kelly Gordon

This workshop is for those who want to learn how to stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities with energy-based movement and meditation. We will focus on two basic principles from Energy Work, grounding and centering, with developing your kinesthetic sense of energy. Experience an introduction into blending energy work with mindfulness meditation, learn more about your nervous system and gain new tools to help you deepen your yoga, dance or bodywork practice.

Explore the benefits of the healing art of homeopathy with Isabel Johnston & Ming Dinh

Homeopathy is a powerful healing system that is uniquely able to restore health and well-being by correcting the energetic imbalance that lies at the core of all illness. This workshop will provide you with a basic understanding of health and disease from a holistic perspective. Discover how constitutional treatment by a homeopath can stimulate your body’s own defense mechanism, and how homeopathic remedies treat the individual person rather than the disease. Learn how homeopathy can be used effectively as a means of self-care at home for yourself and your family. You will leave with simple first aid and acute remedy knowledge, and a homeopathic first aid remedy to be added to your own kit.

* Homeopathic first aid kits ($75.00) and guided movement and meditation CD’s will be available for purchase at the event!