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Are You Sad?

February 9, 2013

This time of year many of us find ourselves craving; craving light craving food, craving comfort.  Some of us suffer from insomnia and some cannot get out of bed without a struggle.

With the low light and the short days we lose energy and can’t concentrate as well. Our work can feel tedious and dragging and our movements like moving in slow motion some of the time or often. We just want to hide and at the same time feel unhappy about our isolation and irritability.

Most of us know that if we are feeling like this we may be having a mild response to the changing seasons or serious episode of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Our health care provider can make a diagnosis by asking about the history of our symptoms. Our health care provider may also perform a physical exam and blood tests to rule out other disorders that are similar to SAD.

There are many ways to cope with the seasonal changes in energy and sense of well-being that is brought on by lower winter light conditions.  One way is to use a special SAD light in the mornings in conjunction with the dimming of lights and computer screens in the evening to stimulate the proper circadian melatonin cycle.  This helps with both mood and sleep regulation as well.

Sufficient supplementation of vitamin D through the winter months also helps mood and overall immune status.  Other vitamins and probiotics can help optimize your resistance to seasonal illnesses as well.

A daily walk or other outdoor exercise in the morning accomplishes the goals of melatonin regulation and stimulating serotonin production, both of which will affect mood in a positive way.

A constitutional homeopathic treatment can also help with our core feelings of well being and boost our ability to approach life with energy and a sense of joy in life.  Many of my homeopathic patients report that seasonal swings diminish greatly with homeopathic treatment.

Once you have seen your health care provider a consultation with a homeopath may help you bring the light back to your days.

New Home for Ming Dinh Homeopathy

May 29, 2010

Ming Dinh Homeopathy is moving.  We can now be found at two new convenient locations:

234 W. 11th Avenue
Vancouver BC  V5Y 1S9

SOMA Health & Homeopathy
5064 – 59A St.
Delta  (Ladner)  BC  V4K 3J9

Natural Health Care workshop this Saturday

March 9, 2010

I am presenting at a Natural Health Care workshop this Saturday,
March 13th. Please sign up by THURSDAY afternoon!
Pre-registration is required so that you can
confirm your spot.

Please contact Kelly to register: or call 604-876-1165.

See you on Saturday.

natural health care workshop poster